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Is your medical and health business looking for a freelance bilingual Chinese medical writer, CER writer, translator, or interpreter?

You are in the right place! Contact me and let’s discuss how I can add value to you doing medical and health business with China.

1. Supplements & Vitamins Registration with China FDA


If you are an Australian supplements & vitamins company keen to enter or expand your brands in China, you are probably already selling your health supplements on China’s cross-border e-commerce platforms. This path bypasses regulatory requirements in the short term, but it does not utilize the full penitential of China’s enormous consumer base from retail stores.

Registration and listing is the path to go to make your products available in Chinese retail stores.

The best part is, Chinese consumers have already fallen in love with Australia’s clean and green health supplements. Done right, the retail channel can account for as high as 90% of your sales volume.


Acurit Medical Communications is excited to have established collaboration with a top supplements & vitamins registration agency based in Beijing, China.

The two businesses are collaborating to register your dietary supplements with China FDA (now SAMR), so that you can sell your health products in brick and mortar stores in China.  My partner company serves as a China registration expert, and I will bridge communications as well as being a literature review expert.

Registration with China FDA can be a lengthy process, and we understand barrier-free communication is key to you.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I have the geographical advantage of communicating with you directly. An insider of Chinese and Australian consumer health running an established business, I know the importance of being reliable and trustworthy. It is also critical to have a registration partner located in Beijing, China’s capital, where all government activities take place. We are proud to have the optimal technical and geographical combinations to help you succeed.

During the registration process, I also conduct bilingual Chinese literature review, an integral part of registration materials to be filed with China FDA. With unique advantage of evaluating biomedical literature in both English and Chinese, I search, summarise and fill in detailed literature search results in China FDA specified forms for your products.

Interested? Contact me to discuss your supplements & vitamins China registration pathways.

2. CER Writing

3. English to Chinese Medical Translations

Are you an Australian business looking to expand into China health market? When preparing your health documents for China market entry, do you need help translating them into accurate medical terms in a culturally appropriate way?

After background research to have a thorough understanding of the subject, I first translate word-by-word to ensure accurate medical contents match both in English and in Chinese. Then I edit the document in Chinese only to ensure the flow and readability. The completed work is accurate in content and appropriate culturally.
►Product Inserts
►Marketing Materials
►Medical Affairs Documents
►Clinical Trials Documents
►Medical and Health Memorandum of Understanding, Contracts and Agreements
►And much more…

4. Conference Interpreting

Doing health conference interpreting based in Melbourne, I work face-to-face to bridge communications between you -an Australian organisation- and visiting Chinese delegations. As a result, your conversations are barrier-free for smooth discussions. This way, I  help you pave ways for more successful long-term collaborations with your Chinese business partners.

My health conference interpreting services include:

Meeting | workshop | round-table | event | training | presentation | site visit

How does my medical conference interpreting service work?

As it is on-site, all participants are in the same room. The form can take shape as a meeting, workshop, roundtable, event, training, presentation, or site visit, and so forth.

Usually, an Australian organisation representative will present, and after the pause, I will interpret from English to Chinese Mandarin for the delegation. —Mandarin is the standard Chinese spoken in mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore. When the Chinese visitors have questions in the middle or at the end, I will interpret after them, from Mandarin to English. This way, you will achieve maximum mutual understanding.

For consecutive interpreting like this, besides my note-taking, no special equipment is needed.

Want to know the best part?

I can do on-site health conference interpreting impromptu. This confidence comes from my extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry in China, and I am totally English and Chinese Mandarin bilingual.

You probably have the experience that when you contact a conference interpreting service provider, they will need preparation time for background material reading. However, quite often you are pressed by time, or just do not have background materials available.

This gives you yet another reason to contact me for your bilingual Chinese medical conference interpreting needs.

Representative conference interpreting projects:

★ World Health Organization (WHO) sponsored a delegation from China Centre for Disease Control and National Health and Family Planning Commission. The Melbourne visits covered Department of Health and Human ServicesLa Trobe UniversityBurnet Institute and The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.


★ Austrade and Trade Victoria organised the China Senior Living and Health Mission PCR Delegation to Melbourne. The visits covered presentations and training from KPMG, National Ageing Research Institute, Dementia Australia, Bridge Advisory Group and Victoria University.

Whether you are an Australian institution as a host or a Chinese delegation planning to visit Victoria, contact me for your health conference interpreting needs. Your visits will be more successful without language barriers.

5. Custom Solutions

When your bilingual Chinese and English medical project has special requirements, contact me and I am here to talk.

If you are looking for a PhD-qualified bilingual Chinese medical writer for your project, get in touch today. I would love to hear from you!

Contact me for a free quote on your next bilingual Chinese medical communication project

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