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Doing health conference interpreting based in Melbourne, I work face-to-face to bridge communications between you -an Australian organisation- and visiting Chinese delegations. As a result, your conversations are barrier-free for smooth discussions. This way, I help you pave ways for more successful long-term collaborations with your Chinese business partners.

My health conference interpreting services include:

Meeting | workshop | round-table | event | training | presentation | site visit

client testimonial university of MelbourneHow does my medical conference interpreting service work?

As it is on-site, all participants are in the same room. The form can take shape as a meeting, workshop, roundtable, event, training, presentation, or site visit, and so forth.

Usually, an Australian organisation representative will present, and after the pause, I will interpret from English to Chinese Mandarin for the delegation. —Mandarin is the standard Chinese spoken in mainland China, Taiwan, and Singapore. When the Chinese visitors have questions in the middle or at the end, I will interpret after them, from Mandarin to English. This way, you will achieve maximum mutual understanding.

For consecutive interpreting like this, besides my note-taking, no special equipment is needed.

Want to know the best part?

I can do on-site health conference interpreting impromptu. This confidence comes from my extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry in China, and I am totally English and Chinese Mandarin bilingual.

You probably have the experience that when you contact a conference interpreting service provider, they will need preparation time for background material reading. However, quite often you are pressed by time, or just do not have background materials available.

This gives you yet another reason to contact me for your bilingual Chinese medical conference interpreting needs.

Representative health conference interpreting projects:

★ Approached by the State Government of Victoria, I had the pleasure to do medical interpreting for 24 Shanghai hospital presidents during their Melbourne visit.

Medical interpreting Melbourne

Austrade and Global Victoria organised the China Senior Living and Health Mission PCR Delegation to Melbourne. The visits covered presentations and training from KPMGNational Ageing Research InstituteDementia AustraliaBridge Advisory Group and Victoria University.

★ World Health Organization (WHO) sponsored a delegation from China Centre for Disease Control and National Health and Family Planning Commission. The Melbourne visits covered Department of Health and Human ServicesLa Trobe UniversityBurnet Institute and The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Whether you are an Australian institution as a host or a Chinese delegation planning to visit Victoria, contact me for your health conference interpreting needs. Your visits will be more successful without language barriers.


Page last updated: January 4, 2024

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