Articles in China Medical and Health

Are you a medical and health company in Australia –or in an English-speaking country? Do you want to do business with China? If yes to both, then these articles are for you!

I aim to translate and compile latest medical and health news published in Chinese.

First, I translate the original information, which is hand-picked from credible online sources. I then analyse the contents based on insider opinions to provide you with a broader picture.

Little by little, you will have more understanding of Chinese medical and health fields.  When you commercialise your products and services to China, these articles will help you a bit to make informed decisions.

Along the way, if you ever need a bilingual Chinese medical writer or translator, I am here to help!

Unravelling the Mystery – China Health Food Registration and Notification

NOVEMBER 13, 2020

A crucial regulation on China health food is updated. Here AMC compiles its important sections in English, especially where overseas health food companies are concerned. We also provide expert interpretation and future directions. Check it out!

All About Written and Spoken Chinese – Simplified or Traditional Chinese, Mandarin or Cantonese?

JULY 29, 2020

Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are the two written Chinese characters. Mandarin is the official spoken language in mainland China. Click to red more.

Work from home tips

APRIL 27, 2020

I have been working from home for about five years. With what is going on in the world, many things become our new normal, including working from home. Read the tips here.

China‘s New Provisions for Drug Registration 2020

APRIL 13, 2020

The China “Provisions for Drug Registration” have been issued and will be implemented on July 1, 2020. The new Provisions are the first revision in 13 years. Here we highlight and analyse changes from the previous version.

Western health product companies, can you transform danger into opportunity in the coronavirus crisis in China?

MARCH 4, 2020

Whether you are a B2B business (an ingredient manufacturer) or a B2C business (a branded finished product or a retailer), it’s never too late to look into immunity claims of your products/ingredients in China market.

Glenn Cross: A Life’s Journey In Commercialising And Exporting Australian Life Sciences

NOVEMBER 11, 2018

Mr Glenn Cross talked about the present and the future of commercialising and exporting Australian life sciences. He also shared valuable lessons and tips based on his life-long experience in the sector.

What are the challenges and joys of doing medical interpreting?

OCTOBER 31, 2018

Approached by the State Government of Victoria, I had the pleasure to do medical interpreting for 24 Shanghai hospital presidents for their Melbourne visit. Have

Chinese Consumer Health Market Insights


On 29 August 2018, delegates from different sectors of medical and health gathered to listen to Rodney Hannington, Eagle Heath Non-Executive Director, for a keynote speech on “Insights into the Highly Dynamic Chinese

Leverging Chinese Healthcare Capital and Resources

MARCH 1, 2018

As another Australian Chinese healthcare commercialisation series, this time the Melbourne HealthCare Drinks event was held on Friday 23rd February, co-organised with ACASE.

The Most Important Policy in New China’s Pharmaceutical Industry

OCTOBER 10, 2017

On 8th October 2017, the Chinese government issued a ground-breaking policy to encourage innovation on review and approval of drugs and medical devices. On an expanded basis,