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Literature Reviews On Pharmaceuticals

During a drug’s life cycle, there are numerous occasions where literature reviews are needed: preclinical phase, initial registration, clinical trial documents, regulatory dossier submission for market authorisation, journal manuscript writing, pharmacovigilance, communication with physicians and patients, and so on.

Case study – conduct literature reviews for a pharmaceutical company in Australia

Client: SUDA Pharmaceuticals Ltd

SUDA testimonialClient approached us for a literature review project. Several of their Investigational New Drugs (INDs) were due for annual reports, which were to be submitted to the FDA urgently.

We dived in.

After defining search terms with trial and error, we run major databases including PubMedCochrane and EMBASE, and got dozens, sometimes hundreds, of papers. Thanks to Endnote, the citation software, organising all this information was not too hard. We then read abstracts to assess papers for inclusion or exclusion.

The next step was to align our selections with Client before retrieving full-text papers. Due to our comprehensive subscriptions, we were able to get all full-text papers, including those behind the paywall, to be included in the report.

In the end, we not only beat the tight deadline, but delivered ahead of schedule. During the project, each email the Client sent began with “Excellent work”. We tremendously enjoyed supporting the Client, and at the same time reading the latest publications on specific drugs.

Health Supplements Literature Reviews To Support Your Marketing Claims

When your supplements and vitamins are available on the China market, you produce marketing materials in English and Chinese to attract local consumers.

Can you transform danger into opportunity in the face of COVID-19 when demands for health supplements reach a new high?

Do you ever wonder if your marketing claims are compliant supported by vigorous science?

AMC is here to help.

We conduct health supplements literature reviews to provide marketing selling points for the China market

Testimonial-Patrice-Malard-HH-GroupPer your specific marketing needs, we search, identify and summarise eligible literature, and deliver in PowerPoint sides or other forms you prefer.

The deliverables will support Marketing team to have strong scientific evidence on product claims, eventually boosting brand image and sales in China.

On the other hand, if you already have a bilingual team for this task, it is always better to have an external expert for additional review. It is crucial that the external bilingual consultant is equipped with in-depth knowledge of the China consumer health market.

Case study - develop nutrient marketing claims via literature reviews

Client: Glanbia China

Glanbia sampleClient approached AMC for help with developing China-specific whey protein marketing claims.  This was to be done via literature reviews.

Sports nutrition was on the spotlight. In the China market, Client was interested in marketing claims of whey protein on ordinary people with an active lifestyle, such as running/marathon, cycling and ping-pong – sports that Chinese people enjoy doing. However, traditionally the target consumers in the Western markets are professional athletes or people doing extensive exercise in fitness centres. We would search, appraise and compile literature on the exercise-conscious general public, which was the aim of the project. Client planned to use the completed slide decks to market to their corporate partners in the health, nutrition and food sector.

After discussing with the Client to have a thorough understanding of the project, we carefully planned search terms and then conducted extensive literature search and appraisal both in English and Chinese academic databases. In each stage, we communicated with the Client, so they always knew what was happening and that the project was on-track per agreed timelines.

Incorporating Client feedback, we developed scientific claims through tables and figures for each selected individual study and compiled all claims into one comprehensive summary slide. Upon delivery, we created two slide decks, one in English, and one in Chinese. We also included all full-text papers with highlights.

Client was pleased with the outcome, commenting on the project being “Excellent work”.

Health Supplements Literature Reviews To Support Your Registration And Listing In China

Eagle Health Sprim testimonialIf you are an Australian or Western supplements & vitamins company keen to expand your brands in China, you are probably already selling your products on China’s cross-border e-commerce platforms. This path bypasses regulatory requirements in the short term, but it does not utilize the full penitential of China’s enormous consumer base from retail stores.

Registration and notification are the paths to go to make your products available in Chinese retail stores.

Done right, the retail channel can account for as high as 90% of your sales volume.


AMC has collaborated with some top supplements & vitamins registration agencies based in China.

We travel frequently to China for business and meet our collaborators at their facility, or at industry events, so we know our registration partners are trully top-performing players in the sector.

We are collaborating to register your dietary supplements with China FDA (now SAMR), so that you can sell your health products in brick and mortar stores in China.  Our partner companies serve as a China registration expert, and we are literature review experts as well as bridging communications for all parties involved.

Registration and notification can be a lengthy process, and we understand barrier-free communication is key to you. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we have the language and geographical advantage of communicating with you directly. It is also critical to have a registration partner on the ground in China, where all government activities take place. We are proud to have optimal technical and location combinations to help you succeed.

Health supplements literature reviews play an important role in registration

Safety and function scientific assessments are mandatory registration materials to be filed with SAMR. With unique advantage of evaluating biomedical literature in both English and Chinese, we search, screen and fill in detailed literature search results in SAMR specified forms for your products.


Page last updated: January 4, 2024

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