If you are an Australian supplements & vitamins company keen to enter or expand your brands in China, you are probably already selling your health supplements on China’s cross-border e-commerce platforms. This path bypasses regulatory requirements in the short term, but it does not utilize the full penitential of China’s enormous consumer base from retail stores.

Registration and listing is the path to go to make your products available in Chinese retail stores.

The best part is, Chinese consumers have already fallen in love with Australia’s clean and green health supplements. Done right, the retail channel can account for as high as 90% of your sales volume.


Acurit Medical Communications is excited to have established collaboration with a top supplements & vitamins registration agency based in Beijing, China.

The two businesses are collaborating to register your dietary supplements with China FDA (now SAMR), so that you can sell your health products in brick and mortar stores in China.  My partner company serves as a China registration expert, and I will bridge communications as well as being a literature review expert.

Registration with China FDA can be a lengthy process, and we understand barrier-free communication is key to you.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I have the geographical advantage of communicating with you directly. An insider of Chinese and Australian consumer health running an established business, I know the importance of being reliable and trustworthy. It is also critical to have a registration partner located in Beijing, China’s capital, where all government activities take place. We are proud to have the optimal technical and geographical combinations to help you succeed.

During the registration process, I also conduct bilingual Chinese literature review, an integral part of registration materials to be filed with China FDA. With unique advantage of evaluating biomedical literature in both English and Chinese, I search, summarise and fill in detailed literature search results in China FDA specified forms for your products.

I also provide literature review and safety/efficacy evaluation to support product marketing selling points in the Chinese market. I have subscribed to multiple literature databases, with ready access to full-text publications. Per your marketing needs, I extract and summarise literature to compile detailed scientific reports for each functional ingredient. The comprehensive report will support Marketing to have strong scientific evidence on product claims, eventually boosting brand image and sales in China.

The literature review and scientific reports you get are ethical, accurate and balanced, supported by vigorous science and credible sources only.

The papers are mostly English, and Chinese ones are included as well when necessary.

I usually provide the literature review and scientific reports in English, and will happily translate them into Chinese upon your request.

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