Are you a MedComms agency or CRO director looking to expand your reach into China, the world’s second-largest pharma market?

Are you excited about this opportunity, but struggle with finding, securing, and managing Chinese projects in pharma or nutrition due to scientific, linguistic, or cultural barriers?

Is this the case: no one in your company speaks Mandarin, let alone English Chinese medical communications?

Would you like to attract more Chinese clients, and deliver exceeding their expectations, so they keep coming back with more projects?

If so…

We are here to help.

As bilingual Chinese medical communications experts, we can assist you with the following services through Chinese pharma client facing.

Our Services

Scientific Project Management

English Manuscript Writing Project Management


client testimonial Daniel McGowan Edanz

We manage English manuscript writing projects supporting you to work with Chinese life sciences companies and authors.

Imbedded in your team, we do Chinese client facing and problem solving, undaunted by difficult conversations. When communicating with Chinese clients, it’s reading between the lines and understanding assumptions. Our unique scientific, cultural and language backgrounds fit nicely in this context, resulting in your satisfaction and repeated business.

Check this recent publication on the Journal of Clinical Oncology as an example, where our client Edanz is listed (may need subscription to access link).


China Clinical Trial Project Management in Pharma and Nutrition


We also specialize in China clinical trial project management in pharma and nutrition, including identifying and managing Chinese CROs, mapping principal investigators in China, reviewing bilingual trial documents for regulatory approval, and much more.

A well-known ANZ nutrition company wanted to conduct a nutrition clinical trial in China. As the first step, they needed to secure a local CRO to run the trial, which was hard to achieve due to the niche market. At that point, we came in to help and recommended an excellent CRO due to our broad network in China in this industry. The CRO we sourced proved to be excellent. After solving this issue, we went ahead to manage the project remotely. The trial was completed on time and within budget. Due to this stellar success, the second trial in China has started with the third one in the pipeline.

Check the registration of the first and second trials conducted in China on, where our client Edanz is listed.

client testimonial Patrice Malard H&H


Finding and Securing Chinese Pharma Projects to Help Grow Your Business


client testimonial Kaylee Azzopardi Swisse

We do this through our deep and wide professional networks in China in the life sciences industry.

Recently, during a video sales call conducted in Chinese Mandarin, after two hours of discussions with the Chinese pharma − the whole team including Medical, Procurement and Legal – they not only agreed with one, but two manuscript writing projects working with our MedComms agency client.

We have helped many MedComms agencies find and secure Chinese pharma projects. We can help you, too.


The Opportunity


Western MedComms agencies have the expertise and capacity to help Chinese pharma with manuscript writing. Globally, there are at least 180 MedComms agencies.

Finding high-quality medical writing service providers is the No. 1 challenge, say 71% of Chinese medical publication professionals who mostly work in global pharma China office, or Chinese local pharma.

And, 97% of the listed authors of the retracted paper mill publications were from Chinese institutions.

Why is there still an unmet need?

China is a rapidly growing market in life sciences, but Western MedComms agencies often encounter barriers when working with China, including linguistic, cultural, and regulatory barriers.

At Acurit, we can help you navigate these obstacles and seize new opportunities in this rapidly expanding market.


Chinese pharma's needs

Representative Questions and Our Answers


“How do you maintain strong professional networks with China now you live in Australia?”


We leverage six amazing channels to keep our Chinese networks and knowledge in medical communications afresh.

  • Asia Pacific MedComms Network Quarterly Zoom Meetings − where our founder, Dr Amanda Mao, is a co-organiser. At the meetings, participants (including those from China) exchange knowledge and insights, build relationships, and learn from one another.
  • Remote China project management − facilitated by the omnipotent Chinese social media platform WeChat.
  • Colleagues − Dr Mao worked in the health care industry in China for eight years, and stays in touch with former colleagues and HCP collaborators.
  • Classmates − Dr Mao received her pharmacy undergrad education at China Pharmaceutical University, and stays connected with classmates, who are active in the life sciences industry and government agencies. Four years of boarding and studying together have forged deep friendships and networks that continue to go strong.
  • Healthcare Dialogues (HCD) – through organising the Melbourne Chapter activities earlier and now facilitating a WeChat HCD nutrition group, we continue to tap into the large network that HCD nurtures in China.
  • Regular visits to China − to connect face-to-face with clients and business partners. Our visits were interrupted by COVID-19 but they are back now.


“Why don’t I find a local expert in China who may just do the job and who is cheaper? ”


Well, they may be on the ground locally with a scientific background, but often they don’t know what you − a Western company − need, and they lack understanding of Western cultural nuances and English language aptitude to communicate with you effectively.

Would you want to work with someone in China who doesn’t understand your culture and needs?


Page last updated: January 4, 2024


China is a rapidly growing market in life sciences, but Western MedComms agencies often encounter barriers when working with China, including linguistic, cultural, and regulatory barriers.

At Acurit, we can help you navigate these obstacles and seize new opportunities in this rapidly expanding market.



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