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Translation quality is vital to your success

Acurit gets translations right the first time.

Translation quality is crucial when you submit your translated dossier for a new drug/device/diagnostics approval or clinical trial application.

Why Acurit?

  • Technical Knowledge

Acurit’s founder, Amanda Mao, earned a PhD in Biochemistry in the United States and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in life sciences in China. She then worked in the pharma and nutrition industry in China for 8 years.

  • Accuracy

Your document is translated accurately with correct medical terminology, which is only possible from the Acurit team led by a PhD biochemist with extensive medical affairs experience. 

  • Quality

We deliver high-quality documents ready for use with no repeated back-and-forth revisions.

  • Domain Expertise (“know the jargon”)

Thanks to the team’s extensive experience and advanced degrees in health and medical sciences, we speak the language and jargon of regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies. We have a keen understanding of what they expect, so you have confidence, knowing that your project is in capable hands.

  • Exclusive Focus / Specialization

Acurit is laser-focused on medical translations between English and Chinese with no other disciplines or language pairs.

  • Superb Communication + Punctuality

You’ll never be left wondering, “Where’s the translation?” We are prompt and proactive with communication, and we respond to every email and phone call from you. Your project will be delivered on time, often one or two days early.

  • Highly Detail-Oriented + Experience + Dual Fluency

We have delivered over 438,000 words of premium medical translations since 2016. In addition to domain expertise, our translators are native speakers of either English or Chinese to produce top-notch translations.

  • Conscientiousness

We only take projects we know we can handle well, and we only give the very best to our clients. We are meticulous and diligent with each project, no matter how large or small.

Our unique 5-step medical translation and editing process ensures accuracy, flow, readability and consistency.

NAATI translation testimonial1st step: Translate word by word for accuracy;

2nd step: Edit sentence by sentence for readability, flow, and consistency;

3rd step: Edit the whole document for readability, flow, and consistency;

4th step:  Check format match, also make sure all punctuations are in the target language style

Final step: Finalize content and style as quality control by experienced medical editors
who are native speakers of the target language (English or Chinese).

Our medical translation services include:

Medical translation testimonial★ Medical Device Clinical Evaluation Report (CER)
★ Scientific Publications / Journal Manuscripts
★ Clinical Trial Documents
★ Regulatory Dossier
★ Pharmacovigilance
★ Preclinical Studies
★ Labels / Product Inserts
★ Medical Affairs Documents
★ Communication Materials with Physicians and Patients
★ Marketing Materials
★ And much more…

Working with a team of expert medical translators, we are confident to handle all sorts of medical translation projects, big or small. With a keen eye for detail, we guarantee to deliver your projects on time every time with high quality.

We do NAATI certified English ↔ Chinese medical translations

NAATI medical translationWe have expanded to do NAATI certified medical translations, as our expert translation team now include certified translators.

We do both directions, from English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

A certified translation is not mandatory, but you may need one per a health care regulator’s requirement.

Regardless of whether you request a certified translation or not, all our translations remain top-notch and we always deliver on time, if not ahead of schedule.

Our translation rates start from US$220/A$310 per thousand source words.


Page last updated: 31 Aug 2022

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