Dr Amanda Xiaoqing Mao, PhD 毛晓青博士
Founder & Managing Director
Acurit Medical Communications Pty Ltd

A fabulous communicator and a joy to work with

Hi! Are you a med comms agency director expanding to bilingual Chinese medical communications?

Are you excited about this opportunity, but also unsure of how to meet Chinese clients’ needs?

Is this the case – no one in your agency speaks Mandarin, let alone English Chinese medical communications?

Would you like to bring value to your Chinese clients and in turn increase your revenue?

If so…

I can help you create targeted scientific content for your Chinese pharma, nutrition and medtech clients.
I can assist you with bilingual Chinese client-facing and communications.

Why Me

I specialise in bilingual Chinese project management and medical writing, including literature reviews in English and/or Chinese. When you need deliverables in the two languages, I do medical translations with my team, too.

Originally from China, I got a Biochemistry PhD degree in the US. I then worked in the pharma and nutrition industry in China for eight years. Now I live in Australia and have run my med comms business since 2016.

I serve clients globally.

When working with me, you have the ease of communicating with someone living in a Western country. Further, I interact with Chinese clients easily knowing ins and outs of the healthcare system there.

My clients often say I’m reliable and trustworthy, and I’m proud of the amazing relationships I’ve cultivated. Many of them have worked with me since the start of my business and more than 90% are returning clients. One of the things that makes me a terrific medical communicator is I deliver high-quality work on time every time, and always have proactive communications.

I have worked with many med comms agencies, health care companies and CROs globally. I can help you as well.

If not now, when?

My Story

When my family moved to Australia in 2015, I thought finding a job would be easy. With a PhD in Biochemistry from the US, and eight years of scientific and managerial experience in global companies in China, I thought landing a job would be a breeze, like I did before.

I was wrong.

Companies kept asking for a local experience, which I didn’t have as a newcomer. I had thought my global experience would be enough.

Then one day, I thought, heck, why do I go apply for jobs under the mercy of an employer? Why don’t I become my own boss? The demands for bilingual Chinese medical communications are there and I have the skills. I have a computer and an Internet connection.

And the decision was made.

It doesn’t mean being a small business owner is an easy ride. I have doubts, fears, and have to go beyond my comfort zone. In return, I experience freedom and growth. I cannot be happier with my choices.

My Diverse Background


  • PhD (Biochemistry & Molecular Nutrition), University of Missouri – Columbia, U.S.
  • MA (Medical Anthropology), University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • MSc (Biochemistry), Nanjing University 南京大学
  • BSc (Pharmaceutical Analysis), China Pharmaceutical University 中国药科大学

Certification and Professional Membership 


  • Eight years of scientific and managerial experience in Medical and Clinical Affairs in China (Senior Medical Manager, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Asia Pacific; Head of Medical and Clinical Affairs, Biostime, now part of H&H Group, the parent company of Swisse Wellness)
  • Diverse bilingual Chinese medical writing fields: nutrition, Over-The-Counter medicines, medical devices and prescription drugs
  • Have studied and worked in Australia, the U.S., Europe and China. Have a deep understanding of different cultures and businesses
  • Fully Chinese-English bilingual. Native writer of Simplified Chinese; native speaker of Chinese Mandarin; write in American and Australian English

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If you are looking for a PhD-qualified bilingual Chinese scientific project manager, medical writer and medical translator for your project, get in touch today.


Page last updated: 26 May 2022

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